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The Slots of Fortune is a highly entertaining multi-line slot machine for all iOS devices! This addictive virtual slot machine is the perfect game to play whenever you get a spare moment- you no longer have to be in a casino to play! Feel the thrill of getting the wheel spin bonus and watching the wheel spin around and around.

With Slots of Fortune for your mobile device, you can experience a hyper-realistic virtual three-line
slot machine. Play up to 25 credits at a time on 5 paylines and win big on this virtual slot machine! Swipe down
to see payouts, the jackpot, and the wheel! Bet max credits to activate the spin bonus, which
allows you to spin a large fortune wheel to maximize your payout! Virtual casino has never been
so fun! The longer you play, the higher the jackpot will increase. It’s the excitement of the Vegas slot machines- now in the palm of your hand!

- Jackpots starting at 100, 000 credits
- Up to 5 paylines
- Spin bonus
- High score leaderboards
- Realistic sound effects
- Player ranking system
- Progressive jackpot bonus
- Addictive and hyper-realistic!

What's New in Version 1.3

Added double credit bonuses
Fixed a few bugs

Could use some work
by Beezou11

The regular game isn't bad and it's very easy to win big, making it fun to play. The tournament stinks though! Every day every machine gets the same score and every spin happens in the same order. It can't be that difficult to make each spin random rather than always the same so please fix this! Also the tournament scores only show the top 25 and the arrows don't work to scroll through the pages. This app needs some work!

Slots of fortune
by Naneki2

Problem. Ok, when it didn't spin the wheel three times, I let it go. But now it didn't spin the wheel for the fifth time. What's going on? Tried to contact support, but all you get is a blank screen. I'm getting disappointed.

Where is support?
by Grandpa KD

Great game but when I try to contact support their web page never loads. Also how does someone acquire a 66 billion high score when the next high is only 4? Unless they have hacked the game. Was trying to get a high score but why, may as well dump this and look elsewhere.

Sony Pictures Television Wheel of Fortune
Mobile Application (Sony Pictures Television)
  • Immersive Single Player Spin Solo Mode takes players on a journey through 30 years of Wheel of Fortune History
  • Pat Sajak joins as host!
  • Spin Together: Challenge your friends and family with an all-new multiplayer mode
  • Personalize your look with the in-game avatar creator
  • Expand your puzzle collection and your avatar style with the in-game shop
  • GameCircle Integration
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  • - Jackpots starting at 100, credits
  • - High score leaderboards
  • - Realistic sound effects
  • - Player ranking system
  • - 3 levels of paylines
  • - Spin bonus
  • - Progressive jackpot bonus
  • - Addictive and hyper-realistic!
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