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Copies of the items listed below are required and should be made before your appointment:

NDF will pull a mortgage ti-merge credit report (FEE APPLIES).

  • Copies of your last 4 recent check stubs and/or proof of other income sources (SSI, pension, retirement, disability, etc.).
  • A copy of your last 2 bank statements from all checking or savings account(s).
  • A copy of your last three (2) years income tax returns/W-2 form from employer: or
  • A copy of Louisiana identification.
  • (IF YOU WOULD LIKE US TO HELP YOU CREATE A HOUSEHOLD BUDGET ) Copies of personal bills, including charge accounts, credit cards, and installment loans or household budget.
  • Proof of parent child relationship (FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18)
  • [/TAB] (acceptable documents include): birth certificates, baptism or other religious documentations, paternity acknowledgements, adoption papers

1. Have an income of at least $21, 000

2. Have reasonably good credit

3. Follow the NDF process

FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS: who are educated about the process of buying a home and building their assets.

BANKS, CREDIT UNIONS, MORTGAGE COMPANIES, AND HOMESTEADS: NDF educates, advocates, and assist buyers with purchasing a home, increasing sustainability and reducing the risk of foreclosure. Sustainability saves the institutions time and money.

REAL ESTATE AGENTS: NDF provides educated, bankable, knowledgeable prospective buyers.

OUR COMMUNITY: because home-ownership reduces abandoned houses, increases pride in neighborhoods, produces more citizens that are responsible, and increases revenue for the city.

BUSINESS: because new homeowners purchase additional services, infusing additional money into local economy.

DEVELOPERS: because of the demand for houses and the availability of potential first time home-buyers.

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