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The first fast-paced tumbling reel action slots for iPhone/iPad that will keep you winning again and again! Now you can play the most popular video slot machines in Las Vegas on your iPhone/iPad anywhere anytime!

Best social slots game ever with many different styles, and it's free to play!


- Fast-paced tumbling reel action that will keep you winning again and again!
- Perfect support for iPhone 5!
- Massive Free Spins: up to 50 times!
- Multiple betting options!
- Get boosters to multiply your winnings up to 10 times!
- Extra bonus chips each hour!
- Offline mode available: free to play with or without internet connection!

by Tree in a bush

I love the game but you to lone to down load keep it up and ill push you out want play it but you he'll of a games darn good game if you had 10 stars to push IDE push them that howuch I like but speed up down load what's with the points 373 or 533. you broke on points and what's wrong th e games want play keep it up and I will get them gone and let others they aren't any good you need to losing up a lilt tell can win at all getting tars of all your e all all games if it didet have pyramid if it didet have this game I would delet it I'm yard of sting a game that don't have points and can't win any why? Your just to dam tight you must my game up fix it now if not take it off thank you I will take. If it don't start playing I will take them all off they not inter resting any more. Why don't you put some new games on get tired of same old game

Not Pleased!!!
by Steve's Lady

I had been playing a while and loved playing Ghost Ship. Today I decided to try the Valentines game. I had over 5, 000, 000 credits. I played a long time, waiting for the red rose bonus late this afternoon/early evening. I was down to barely over 2, 000, 000 credits and my red rosé bonus was over 205, 000 credits. I had intended to play until the red rose bonus paid off. All at once, the game disappeared and took me back to my home screen. Needless to say, it wiped out my red rose bonus without paying off. I was seething and tried to contact but was told I couldn't mail them. This game ripped me off BIG TIME! It is one to delete if my red rose bonus doesn't reappear by morning. Burns me up to take all my credits and vanish just to keep the bonus from paying off!

Terrible! Terrible!
by Gramz01

I saw my daughter playing a game & I asked her the name of the app. I realized I had this app before and removed it. The games had multiple spins & no pay. When they finally paid, the pay was very little. I've had 10, 000 points and lost it all playing 25 cent. Tried to bet higher but I wouldn't be playing long. Don't think I want to spend any money buying coins, there's no rewards in playing these games. One will always be at a lost. you would think these games were paying out real money the way they pay. Getting to the seven free spins is a joke. These games are designed to take, not give. Hey! It's only a computer game! Love the games, but I can see myself removing this app again.

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  • Help you relax and forget about daily worries.
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