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The Casino Lemonade guide, on which you are currently browsing, is dedicated to the universe of online casinos and especially to the many games that are offered by these gaming operators.

On the home page you can find a brief introduction to our website. In this text you can learn a little more about our editorial policy, and we particularly stress our passion for online casino games. In fact, it is those games that have inspired us to create this guide. We wanted to honor them by offering them the special place they deserve. Other websites on this subject often tend to focus on the online casinos at the expense of the games, which in our point of view should always come first.

This is the main reason why most of the pages in our guide allow you to play and learn more about the many different online casino games that you can find on the internet. You are currently on a page that is dedicated to the best online casinos available of the market. This might seem to contradict our strong editorial policy, but rest assured, this fact is not true, as you will be able to realise yourself later too.

In fact, on this website, we simply tell you the best online casinos to play all the games that we feature for free on our website. We must admit that playing in demo mode is very useful to enjoy and relax for a while, develop a strategy for the game, or to discover new games. Nevertheless, it still should be said that the only way to enjoy the fully exhilarating sensation of an online casino game is indeed to play for real money. The ultimate goal of any casino game or for this type of entertainment is to win money, so we necessarily have to present a ranking that shows the best websites to enjoy real versions of all your favourite games.

The best site is at the top of this page. We suggest you take a look at it and discover it for yourself. However, if you want to learn more about the advantages for each site, and get some tips for choosing the site that suits you best, so that you can play for real money, I invite you to read the rest of this text that covers all questions regarding important aspects about online casinos.

Verify that the operator has a gaming licence

When selecting an online casino where you want to play for real money, the most important thing to check first is that the operator of the online casino in question does have a gaming license that was issued by a regulatory body. You should avoid the websites that do not have a licence by all means, as they may be operated by the Mafia or crooks, and only have the fraudulent purpose to scam you and steal your hard earned money.

You do not have this risk or situation with an online casino that has a license. In fact, the licence is an official document issued by a regulatory authority of a state. It therefore serves to ensure that the online casino in question follows a strict regulation imposed by a government. This protects you against any kind of scam because the online casino must show that they are serious and reliable if it wants to keep their valuable license.

We advise you to remember this advice as you will find that it is the most important advice to get on this page: always play at a licensed online casino and do not ever register on an online gaming website that does not have a valid licence.

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