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Suprised Myself By Enjoying This Game I like the "idea" of playing slot machines, but every time I go to Atlantic City and play them, I quickly lose my money and the glamor of them disappears. One thing good about playing slots on the computer is that you always have enough money to play - lol. But even with that, most slot machine games - to me anyway - become boring after a short amount of time because all you're basically doing is watching the dials rotate. This game is a little different, IMO. First of all the graphics are large, so your screen is filled with light and color; bold red and gold colors are used so the displays are bright and eye-catching. The large display makes a great deal of difference, I find, to making the game much more immersive; most slot machine games have a smaller-sized display. Bonus games for winning involve getting the chance to play other casino game like 21 or roulette. You can also win multiple auto-spins, mirror spins, shuffle spins, etc. which means that your screen is really active with things going on, which definitely breaks up the monotony that is inherent in a slot machine game. Game play is very smooth, I enjoyed the sounds of the game, and there are short voice-overs during the bonus casino games play. For some reason, this game really catches and holds my attention. I'm not bored by it. I will be buying it because I can see it becoming my go-to game in those rare moments when I get the urge to go to AC to play the slots; the price of this game is much cheaper than a trip there. =) December 17, 2011

Fun Mystic Palace Slots I enjoyed this game, it is different than any slot machine game. The graphics are very nice, clear, bright. Just an overall enjoyable game. I purchased it!! Thanks April 15, 2012

If all the casino slots paid so well :-) Yes, it's lots of fun and I like the features. Very nicely done! January 12, 2012

mystic palace i like to play mystic palace a lot. if i have time, i would like play mystic palace every day. January 17, 2012

Great Slot game My bother will play for hours have to kick him off so I can have a chance November 29, 2015

fun challenging game the game strategies are well defined and the overall visual is excellent. July 29, 2012

Liked it I enjoy this game. Not the most challenging, but if you are a slots player - you know that. Game is a little different because you can take your winnings on a particular spin, and gamble for even higher winnings. I just don't understand why they made the maximum bet on a spin $300; I'd like to have a chance to bet much more. February 24, 2016

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