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Gummy Drop! Tips and Tricks

  • Introducing Gummy Drop! 2.0. Now you can travel WHEREVER and WHENEVER you want!! Earn travel vouchers to unlock the city of your choice and view your accomplishments in your Passport. Over 10, 000 gummified levels now available across 20 world cities!
  • After you’ve built your first monument, your passport will be unlocked.
  • Select the passport icon to open your passport (A).
  • Each time you build a new monument, you will receive a Stamp (B) as well as Travel Vouchers. Use Travel Vouchers to visit any city!
  • Here you can view your progress through each city (C).
  • Swipe to flip through the pages of your Passport (D).
  • Select this bookmark to go to the profile page of your passport (E).
  • You can sign in with Facebook or your Big Fish ID (F) on your profile page. Sign in with Facebook to display your picture in your passport (G).
  • Select this bookmark to return to the page of the city you are currently in (H).
  • You can use Travel Vouchers to unlock a location from inside your passport. Go to the location page, and then select (I).
  • Select how many Travel Vouchers you would like to spend (J). You can earn Travel Vouchers by building monuments, through the lucky spin, or by purchasing them from the Store (K).
  • Once you have unlocked the city, select (L) to travel there.
  • The timer displays how much time you have left in the city (M).
  • Cities can also be unlocked through the map. Select the city on the list or map, then select (N) to spend your vouchers.
  • Timers are also displayed on the city list (O).
  • If you would like to extend your time in a city, select the plus button (P) while in the city to purchase more time with Travel Vouchers.
  • From the pause menu, select the globe icon to see the map (Q).
  • Select the green arrow to view the cities list (R). Select a city to see it on the map. Swipe the cities list to scroll through it (S).
  • Here you can see how many Travel Vouchers you currently have (T).
  • Select the ship icon (U) to see what resources are currently being shipped.
  • Select Unload (V) to unload the resources once they have arrived at their destination. Once the resources have been unloaded, the ship will return to it’s original location.
  • Select Skip to speed up the ship (W). Speeding up a ship will cost a small amount of coins.
  • You can send resources to cities you have temporarily unlocked, but once the timer runs out, you will not be able to retrieve the resources from that city until you have unlocked it again.

Getting Started

  • Press the play button (A) to start the game.
  • Connect to Facebook (B) for daily lottery tickets. You can only connect to Facebook on your mobile device.
  • Select the pause button (C) to open the pause menu.
  • The help button (D) displays basic instructions.
  • The options button (E) opens the options menu, letting you adjust volume and other settings.
  • The game is divided into cities. The first city you’ll visit is Sydney, Australia (F).
  • Each level (G) has a different goal (H) that you must complete before you run out of moves to win the level.
  • There are four basic types of goals:
  • Goal 1: Score a certain amount of points (I). Earn points by making matches and creating combos.
  • Goal 2: Gather a certain amount of resources (J). Gather resources (K) by clearing them from the board by making matches or using boosts.
  • Goal 2: Clear every white tile (L) from the board (M). Some tiles may be hidden under other obstacles (N).
  • Goal 3: Drop all of the items (O) to the bottom of the board (P).
  • During timed levels, you are not limited by a number of moves. Instead, you must complete the goal before the time expires (Q).
  • Match gummies with hourglass symbols (R) to add more time to the clock.
  • You may also use the Eternal Freeze Boost (S) once it has been unlocked. It will remove the time limit from timed levels.
Tidda Games Slot Machine - Five Reel
Mobile Application (Tidda Games)
  • * Exciting graphics and sound effects
  • * 15 betlines, bet upto 5 credits on each betline
  • * Multiple game themes
  • * Score leader board
  • - Daily
  • - weekly
  • - All time
  • - Millionaire list
  • * Game challenges ( play challenge games and challenge other players globally to beat your score )
  • - Challenge of 50 spins
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Tidda Games 9 Wheel Slot Machine
Mobile Application (Tidda Games)
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  • 2) The game has more challenges, it has mini games 50/100/200 games, play mini games submit your score and challenge other players.
  • 3) The game has two score leader boards, the global score leader board and challenge score leader board.
  • Submit your score to global leader board and show your achievements to other players.
  • 4) The game has interactive customer support, you can submit your queries and feedback by tapping the chat button while playing game, no need to quite game and go...
  • 5) The game has tips and tricks section, share the gaming tips with other players
  • 6) To see the change list go to What s new section and see FAQs for your queries.
  • 7) The game has shake feature, shake the phone to spin or tap spin button.
  • 8) The game support score backup and restore feature, you can restore score whenever you change your phone and re-install the game so you can continue with earlier...
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  • The game has challenges, play challenge game of 5, 10 and 20 games and by submitting score to challenge leader board challenge other players.
  • The game has social feature now discuss the tips and tricks of the game with other players by tapping feedback/Tips menu option.
  • for any query/question/feedback etc write us at
  • search keywords -
  • solitaire vegas solitaire casino card score ldeaderboard social challenge.
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Toy (GambleBox)
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