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3 Ways to Play Slot Machines

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Method 1

Before Your Place Your Bet
  1. Join any "slot clubs" or "player perks" your casino offers. These programs will reward you based on how much you play and can give you the opportunity to cash in for additional benefits. Compare the incentives of different casinos or sites, and choose the casino based on the benefits or freebies that are the best for you.
    • As a member, you may get additional offers in mail or online. During casinos' off-seasons, it's common for them to try to lure you in with free play, free food, or a free hotel stay (or all three). So if you're going to spend your money anyway, might as well sign up.
  2. Know what you're looking at. Though there are different types of machines all of varying, payouts, popularity, and method, how they work is generally all the same. There's just a few things you should know how to work:
    • You can pay with a previous payout ticket, your member card, or cash. Often (if not always), the previous payout ticket will go in the same slot the cash can be inserted. Most machines take , , , , 0 dollar bills, though some also take , too. These areas will be lit up and unmissable.
    • Most machines no longer spit out coins.Image titled Play Slot Machines Step 2 If you're looking for a coin tray, you may be looking for a while.
    • For certain variations of games, the methodology is spelled out on the glass above the screen. It'll tell you what type of game it is, what each spin pays out, and details on the jackpot. If it's there, read it before you sit down. Some machines will be blatantly better than others.
    • Locate the "Cash Out" button. This is how you'll finally be freed from your semi-conscious state and released into the world of windows, clocks, and not-for-free soda. Press it and it'll tabulate your winnings which you can then take to the cashier or to the payout machine - if you win, of course.
  3. Decide the amount that you're comfortable betting each pull. With slot machines, you can bet a surprisingly high amount of money in no time. In fact, they can move faster than some table games. There are machines where you'll get by betting 50 cents and other machines that, in order to really be playing, you'll need to bet .Image titled Play Slot Machines Step 3 Find an amount that doesn't make your stomach churn?
    • Generally speaking, if more money is needed to hit the jackpots, you should bet it (why play if you can't win?). So if you're not looking to dip into your grandmother's inheritance, the penny, nickel, or quarter slots may be more to your liking. And you'll get more playing time out of your dollar in the long run!
    • Most casinos lay out these machines in sections. You'll see giant lit-up signs displaying "5¢" or "25¢" or "1¢." If the casino is a maze (as some seem to intentionally be), just grab a waitress or attendant to be pointed in the right direction.
  4. Don't buy into casino mapping. Sure, casinos employ a certain level of strategy in placing their slots, but each one varies and it's not something so simple as to be understood with a quick glance or paragraph. What's more, with technology nowadays, they can change a machine's payout at the click of the button. So before you go asking that cute hostess where you should play, think again.
    • While we're at it, the concept of a "hot" machine also doesn't pan out logically. Realistically speaking, a slot machine is a like a pair of dice. You may feel like after you roll four sixes in a row you're probably not going to get another six, but in all likelihood, the six is just as likely to come up again as every other number. With each roll, the dice starts back over. And the slot machine is the same. It's only over the course of an absolutely Titanic-sized number of turns that the casinos are getting their payout numbers. Unless you plan on making a career out of risking your money, there's no point in letting it factor into your decisions.
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    • There's really no strategy on slots....just some hardcore will that your superstitions will work in your favor.
      Generally the video poker machines are your 'best bet' because you have at least a little bit of control over those....I've multiplied my money much more on video poker than other slots. (of all the times I've won money - I've probably lost money in both types equally)
      Personally I like the slots with the fun bonuses or lots of pay lines (never 3reel bar bar bar machines LoL) but there's no strategy in those, just superstition. Good luck!!! (^_^)